Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update on Makayla Living with "ADD"

She's been taking her medicine for a week now. I didn't realize it would help so quickly. She's more laid-back and mellow. Not sure how the mess in her desk at school is. I go Friday for an Easter party so we will see. Her bedroom is still a bit out of sorts. But maybe that's just the way she likes it. So I tell her I need stuff off the floor when I vacuum and she does it. She still has outbursts of tears now and then. But can't expect everything to change so quickly. Friday she came home totally excited, she went up a level in reading. For those who are familiar with accelerated readers and the colors of the dots on the books. Her dot changed colors. So now we've made a goal as to what color dot we want on her books by the end of this school year. She also made a 100 on her spelling test last Thursday, so I honestly believe we're making progress. We must be because Megan could even tell a difference in her yesterday. So maybe she wasn't just spoiled rotten. She needed help in concentrating and focusing.

Friday, March 27, 2009

"ADD & ADHD in Girls" Part 3 "Ways to Help"

The more I read the more I am amazed, at the symptoms that was there and I didn't see them. Or maybe I just didn't want to see them. Because I hated the thought of her being on medicine to control it. But I realize now just how frustrating her life must be to her. To jump from one activity to another without really realizing it. Then there's the clutterness of her room. It seems like I can clean it one morning and by that night it's a total wreck again. Simply because she may drag out her Barbie's to play with them, and something catches her eye on the TV and she completely forgets about the Barbie's. Then she sees something on her TV stand and she pulls it down and starts playing with it. So by bedtime there's a total mess all over the floor. Of all the symptoms that one has to be one of her worse. That and the whining, girls whine, and boys get mad. When you are parenting a child with ADHD, you are parenting a child who requires more patience, greater supervision, increased structure, and more creative limit setting and discipline. Add to the mix a sibling or two and a parent can quickly become overwhelmed and exhausted.
But you have to remember the three "C's".

1. Clarity of Expectations
Keep rules and expectations simple, concise and clear. Make sure they are easily understood by the child.

2. Consistency

Follow through with consequences in a consistent manner.

3. Calmness

Approach situations calmly. Take a deep breath and make sure you are in control. Take a brief “time-out” if you need to get a better hold over your emotions. Children are especially sensitive if we lose our temper. A calm approach is most effective and won’t overstimulate the child or escalate the situation.

I found a great website with a lot of information http://add.about.com/

Plan on reading more and more about it.

Will keep you up to date as how it is going here at home.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"ADD & ADHD in Girls " " Part 2 "Symptoms"

After much reading over the last couple of weeks here are some facts that I have found.
Alarmingly, some studies estimate that as many as 50% to 75% of girls with ADHD are missed. Worse, girls with ADHD are diagnosed on average five years later than boys—boys at age 7, girls at age 12. Five crucial years girls could be getting help are lost. One major reason is that girls’ symptoms manifest differently. “ADHD doesn’t show up in the same ways in girls,” For instance, girls are much less likely to display hyperactive or impulsive symptoms. Instead, they may just appear “spacey,” unfocused, or inattentive. Or they may have trouble staying organized or remembering directions or homework. But even when these symptoms are clearly present, ADHD may be missed. “Girls are less likely to be referred because they cause fewer problems in the classroom.” Socialized to please their teachers and parents, girls can be very good at compensating for the disorder, making it much harder to spot.

So, what are the signs of ADHD in girls? Here are some of the cues you can look for.

Sign #1: Nonstop Talking
A girl with ADHD may a interrupt impulsively. While a boy might leave his seat continually, many girls with ADHD express their restlessness verbally.

Sign #2: Friendship Troubles
Sadly, girls with ADHD tend to struggle to fit in with their peers. “They can be talkative and outgoing, but by the end of the week, they may not have many friends because they got too bossy or interrupted too much,” A girl with ADHD may be slow to pick up on social cues and may even be verbally aggressive when she feels frustrated. Conversely, boys with ADHD are less likely to suffer peer rejection. The rules for boys’ play are less stringent; their games are more physical. But for girls with ADHD—if they don’t receive help and guidance—self-esteem can take a pummeling.

Sign #3: Difficulty Paying Attention
It’s tempting to describe the girl who fiddles with her crayons while you’re explaining fractions, then quickly says, “I don’t get it” as ditsy—a word that somehow seldom gets attached to boys. But trouble listening can be a symptom of ADHD. A girl may have difficulty listening and retaining multi step directions. Finding it hard to stay tuned in when the teacher is talking for several minutes at a time is often a sign of the disorder.

Sign #4: Exceptional Messiness
While girls with ADHD are far less likely than boys to be disruptive in class, they are just as likely to have organizational problems. A very visible sign of a girl struggling with ADHD may be her disorganized desk or backpack. She may also have issues with homework and classroom routine—i.e., she’s not able to keep her papers in order or find a pencil when needed. While all kids can be sloppy at times, the frequency and degree may be a clue.

Sign #5: Unfinished Work
Since girls may try hard to mask their disorder, teachers don’t always realize how much they are struggling to finish assignments. They may appear shy and studious in the classroom and don’t often stand out to teachers. Teachers should take note of girls who consistently fail to finish classroom assignments or tests in the allotted time even though they seem to know the material.

Sign #6: Emotionality
So, if your daughter bursts into tears at the slightest reproach or turns into a ball of fury when play doesn’t go their way. ADHD, can cause an impulsive that might make it hard for them to control their emotions. At the same time, compensating for ADHD in the classroom and on the playground is exhausting and may leave them depleted and vulnerable. We all want approval and success, and when it’s hard to come by, the tears may seem to flow over the smallest incidents.

Makayla "ADD" Part 1 Getting diagnosed

Last week I posted that I had a conference with Makayla's teacher and then an appointment with her pediatrician. That I would explain everything later. Well I dug my heels for as long as I could. I really didn't want her on medicine. I was leery of her being labeled at school, as having to take medicine to control her behaviour. In which she's not a bad child, not disruptive, or mischievous. But I've known for over a year that Makayla had a problem focusing on her work. So after the conference last week I asked Makayla if her mind tried to think about several things at one time. She said no it just drifts off to other things. "I dream of a chocolate land" Wow! Could it get any better than that? Lots, and lots of chocolate. But seriously, her mind wanders when it should be doing school work. Her desk on my goodness every time I happen to be there for a party or something, it's a total wreck. Then there's her handwriting. I don't know how many times we have erased, or started homework completely over. It had all become very frustrating for me, so I'm sure it was for her too. But after talking it over with the two pediatricians that has seen her for the past 6 or so years. In which come to find out, one was on medicine himself when he was a child. I felt alot better about it all. She has been diagnosed as being ADD. I've also explained to her that it's nothing that she has done, just something she was born with. So we tried this morning to start taking the medicine that was prescribed. It's a gel type pill, and this is the first time she's ever had to try and swallow a pill. Just say it didn't go well. We both ended up crying. So we're trying again tomorrow and see what happens.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A week for rear-enders

First, it was Megan on Monday that was in a wreck that someone hit here in the rear. Then yesterday we were coming back from taking my step-kids back to Cordele. We had gotten almost to McRae when this car in front of us slammed on brakes and turned quickly on a dirt road. We had just started going again when I felt a "BAAM". I asked what was that and my husband said we've just been hit. Well fortunately no one was hurt. We are so thankful his kids were already out because his son would have been in the back seat and it could have hurt him. So now we wait for the police report for the insurance to figure out if it's fixable. Both doors on the passenger side is hard to open, so the frame may possible be messed up. I want a newer more economical car, but don't want the car payments that comes with it. This one is paid for and is several years old so it would be hard to find one for what they would probably give us for it.
But again, thankfully no one was hurt. Just reminds us we have to watch out for the other driver as well as ourselves.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Thank you to all those that wished us a Happy Anniversary yesterday. Just when I thought the week was busy. We found out Thursday evening that my husbands sister and brother in law was coming in yesterday from Virginia Beach. Haven't seen them in almost two years, so we went yesterday and picked up his kids (my step-kids) because it's been even longer than that since they had seen their Aunt and Uncle. So last night we all went out to eat, their treat to us for our anniversary. Not sure what today holds for all of us. My husband told me last night I know it's not the romantic weekend we had hoped for. Which is all fine with me, there's always other weekends. Because I love spending time with family.

Cloth Diapering

Megan is planning on cloth diapering baby Emily. And I had just told her this week about a blog I follow http://www.mycharmingkids.net/2009/03/cloth-diapering-101-giveaway.html and low and behold if MckMama didn't post a giveaway yesterday for cloth diapers and accesories. So if your interested in cloth diapering or entering this giveaway, go check it out.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

busy busy busy

I feel like I'm constantly on the go these days. Monday morning I had a conference with Makayla's teacher. Will tell more about that on another post. Tuesday I spent the morning at Megan's, in which definitely not complaining about that day. I got to hold Emily and get lots of sugar from her. Wednesday ended up doing laundry since it had been stacking up all week. Also been going through old pictures, now I'm wanting a scanner to put some of these "old" pictures on here. Today and tomorrow the kids have half days. So I get back home from dropping them off at 8:00, just to pick Makayla up again at 11:45. When I pick her up today we're going about an hour away to her Pediatrician, story tied together with conference. So more to come about that too.
Tomorrow is my anniversary. So who knows what and where that day will hold.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

Pictures of our weekend. The girls had a blast making cookies. Shamrocks, flowers, butterflies, and umbrellas. St. Patrick's and Spring all rolled into one. I love cookie cutters, I guess one day I need a picture of all of them. Probably 100 give or take. Need to write down sometime what I don't have, if there is any. lol

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Denny !!!!!!

Today is my son-in-law Denny's Birthday. As parents we worry about who our children will one day marry. But I wouldn't want anyone different for Megan to have married. Denny is so good to her and Emily. He was right by her side the seventeen hours we were at the birthing center waiting for Emily to be born. And we just found out Friday night that he even cut the cord. Not many men has the stomach to do that nor the patience. And if you know Denny he is an outdoor person, so it took a lot for him to stay in that little room for that long, but he did out of love for his wife and daughter. He works hard and provides everything they could possible need. And I'm sure the older Emily gets there will be a lot of wants that he gives also. I told Megan I hope she realizes how good of a man she has. The times I have been over there this past week, he has been right there for her. Getting what she needed before she ever had to ask. So Megan please don't ever take him for granted, because as you know there is a lot worse out there.

Denny, Happy Birthday, we love you, and thank you for being so good to Megan and Emily. And for being the best son-in-law a Mom could possibly have.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Just When I Thought I Had Seen It All

We bought the house we're in a little over a year ago, November 2007. We pulled down all the wallpaper and painted, most of it. The hall bathroom was a pain, we couldn't get all the wallpaper down no matter what we tried. So "FINALLY" we have gotten around to fixing it. Completely gutting it. We started by pulling the paneling down, in which fortunately there was sheet rock behind it. A little less work for us to do. But this is also what we found. Water damage, and mold.

This is the wall behind where the toilet was.

This is the wall behind where the sink and vanity was.

And if all that isn't bad enough. Wait until you see the floors. Once we pulled up the peel-n-stick tile. Yep that's a crack you see in it. One of several. Not to mention just about as many different types of wood. Apparently at sometime, the bathroom flooded, and they replaced the flooring with whatever wood they had and could piece together enough to put tile on top of it.
So yep, I would say we have our work cut out for us. I'm wondering why when the inspector crawled under the house he didn't find this.

So what sold us on the house hmmmmm.......

Doesn't look that great now after sitting up all winter. But come the summer. With two kids here all the time, one that lives 15 minutes away and two more here every other weekend and most of the summer. We totally enjoy the pool.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Pictures

Megan has posted pictures on her blog today of Emily. As in previous blog I said no information until she put it on hers.
Emily Willow was born Monday March 2nd at 11:30 pm. She weighed 8 lbs and 3 ounces and 21 inches long. She is so beautiful. Go take a look here and see for yourself.
I just saw her again last night and I miss her already. I'm sure I was just as happy and full of love when all three of mine were born. But there's just something about a grandbaby. As we sat waiting at the Birthing Center Monday, I told my Mom I've never been on this side of it before. Waiting for my baby to have a baby. Their's a sense of helplessness. I wanted to make it go fast, easy, and painless for her. But yet her words after 21 hours of labor was it wasn't that bad. Just like any other Mother, once you hold that miracle in your arms all pain is forgotten.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've finally stopped long enough to blog.  Not giving much information, leaving that for the "New Mom" Megan .
All I will say after 21 hours of labor, and six and a half of those being hard contractions. At 11:30 last night, Baby girl is "finally" here.   Mama, Daddy, and Baby girl is doing great.  She is so beautiful.  A headful of black hair. I can't wait to spoil her.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where is the snow?

Friday when we first heard we may have snow flurries today, I told Megan that she would go in labor today. Because that would definetly be history for her baby book. Not to mention that here Friday it was in the 70's. Because if you have lived in Georgia for very long.  Snow is just not something we see often. My youngest daughter is eight and she has yet to see snow. One fellow blogger in Middle Georgia blogged that they actually have a covering of snow. http://englishcottageingeorgia.blogspot.com/ So if your out there and in Georgia. Where is the snow?  Just curious as to how far south it has gotten.