Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Thank you to all those that wished us a Happy Anniversary yesterday. Just when I thought the week was busy. We found out Thursday evening that my husbands sister and brother in law was coming in yesterday from Virginia Beach. Haven't seen them in almost two years, so we went yesterday and picked up his kids (my step-kids) because it's been even longer than that since they had seen their Aunt and Uncle. So last night we all went out to eat, their treat to us for our anniversary. Not sure what today holds for all of us. My husband told me last night I know it's not the romantic weekend we had hoped for. Which is all fine with me, there's always other weekends. Because I love spending time with family.


  1. Oh I am late, but Happy Anniversary. Been out working in the yard trying to get rid of weeds and blogger's bottom :-).
    Beautiful day in Georgia to be out and about...beautiful weekend for company!

  2. I'm so sorry I forgot! And I think I even talked to you a few times via email Friday....but still forgot.
    I hope you ended up with a great Anniversary weekend & if not try it again next weekend or the next.
    Love ya'll!


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