Saturday, April 10, 2010

TSMSS.........Healing Rain

UPDATE on Shawn : Surgery Sunday morning 8:00 then in ICU until at least Monday.

Sunday at noon update on Shawn (my neice's husband)  Out of surgery. Recovery for an hour.  Few complications breaking threw the barrier covering pus lining. Did 2 procedures will be knocked out until tomorrow and long recovery ahead.

If anybody would like to email them directly my neice is Brandi and her email is

Not sure how often she checks it but I do know she is able to send updates from the hospital. 

First I want to ask for prayer for my niece's husband (Shawn).  He was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  This is what we know so far, I'm putting it exactly the way she has updated us so I get it right.
  Pulseox was low, coughing up nasty green stuff &; in a lot more pain. Right lung closed off and, left lung has gotten infected. On oxygen and other meds now. Not going home until he's better. Thanks for the prayers!
Lung specialist came in this morning. Right lung has pus covering more than 75% they are deciding on surgery or a tube to remove the pus. Not likely it will be the tube. Surgery then ICU overnight.

Now for my TSMSS.  I am looking forward to listening some great music today.  Join us over at Amy's .  You will truly be blessed.

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