Friday, May 20, 2011

Be prepared...............VENTING

All along the Doctor has known that I don't have insurance and that I'm self-pay.  Go through previous procedures with minimal payment other than D&C.  It nearly drained my wonderful Mil's savings account.  So today I go in for another test, and meet with the surgery co-ordinator.  She has the wonderful job of telling me that the hysterectomy will cost me 9410.00, but if we can pay in full it will be 20% off.  If not then we need at least half by pre-op. 
While in the office I couldn't help but notice all the young girls pregnant and seeing them on medicaid.  I'm sorry but it's frustrating to know they made a choice to have a baby.  I don't have the choice of having to have surgery.
On a brighter note.  Megan had her check-up yesterday.  She is completely effaced and dialated to three.  So the only thing holding him in is no contractions and her water hasn't broke.  So hopefully our grandson will be here soon and I won't have to worry about other stuff for a few days.