Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday Hodge Podge

It is so hard to believe it's already December, time is flying by so fast.  Slow down for a bit though and join Joyce and all the others for Wednesday Hodgepodge.

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1. What is the most interesting thing you've done in the last year?
Well my husband says I don't get out enough and it must be true because I can't think of anything too terribly exciting. 
2. What is your most meaningful family heirloom?
I don't have anything that has been passed down through the generations. But I do have a quilt that my Grandmother made me, all by hand. She gave it to me when I graduated from high school.

3. What food festival would you most like to attend? If you're not sure click here to see a list of possibilities.
Cooking contests would be so much fun.  Especially those where they decorate cakes.

4. you love it or is it considered a four letter word where you live?
Love it don't get it often enough to consider it a four letter word.

5. Can you ski? Do you ski? Are you any good?
No, not on the water or the snow.

6. What quality in your spouse or best friend are you most thankful for?
Hard worker.

7. Describe the coziest spot in your home.
My bed, love sitting in it with all my pillows, reading a good book, with a cup of hot chocolate.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Of the non-traditional Christmas songs I think this one has to be my favorite.  Not sure why, because it always brings tears to my eyes.