Monday, May 11, 2009

Finally a new computer

Our computer crashed a couple of weeks ago and I've been using my husband's laptop. When he was at home. He's working out of town alot these days. Well today we finally got another one. WooHoo!!!!!!
Maybe I was getting too addicted to it and came to realize that I can go a day or two without one. lol
I had a great Mother's Day weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon with my Mom. And the journal jar that I had given her for Christmas, she has put it in book form, and gave it to me to read. I cried and I laughed. It was awesome. Now I'm to return because she has decided that she wants to add more to it. I told her it seemed to be directed more to me and she said well you were the one that gave it to me. So I've convinced her to write one for my brothers, and possibly my sister. And give them to us this Christmas. Brandi, shh don't tell your Dad. lol
Then yesterday, was of course church and then we had lunch with my mother-in-law. She wrote me an awesome note in my card. I have never been loved and accepted by such wonderful in-laws as I have this time.
Then when we got home, it was gifts. The kids gave me okay don't laugh too hard. But it was the two things I requested. A set of bathroom scales, in which I love them there digital so there's no guessing of if I gained or lost weight the previous week. And the other was a small George foreman grill, well hubby goofed and bought a panini grill, but I'm returning for the grill I want. So I can grill my meals, when he is out of town working.
Then Megan, Denny, and Emily came over and they gave me some great Calphalon cookie sheets. I wonder if she's hinting for some home-made cookies. lol I doubt it because she's a very good cook. Their just slowly giving me great bake ware. Because Christmas before last they gave me 6 Wilton cake pans, so it would be easier to make my 12-layer chocolate cake.
So even though it's a day late I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.