Monday, August 31, 2009

Megan's First Giveaway

My oldest daughter Megan is having her first giveaway. woo hoo!!!!!!

So please go check it out and leave her a comment to enter. Because as we all know we all love giveaways, and comments.

It Is Well

Have you ever wondered why something happens then days, weeks later its like a brick hits you in the head? Well the past month or so its been total hell in our house. One thing or another.
To the point my husband and I have barely spoke to one another for the past month.
I felt like I had forgiven him for what had happened. But as in a previous post I just couldn't forget about it. I think I was being a bit, well maybe alot rebellious. I wanted to hold onto the bitterness because I didn't want to submit to God that once again He was right. No I don't believe the situation was handled the right way. But I do believe things are better because of it. I do believe God has it all in control and I have to let him have that control again and work things out for all involved.
As for as the brick hitting me in the head. Saturday evening it dawned on me that a while back I got mad about things going on. And I yelled at the devil that he wasn't going to have my family. I began praying for my family more, and Megan and Denny began coming to church regularly. Then Denny's Mom has started coming with them, and even his Dad has come on one occasion. God is working in our lives. And the devil is mad. But you know what he will get over it. Because greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.
So Devil come what may: YOU CAN'T HAVE MY FAMILY.

Baking Cookies

This is how Makayla and I spent our Saturday afternoon. We tried a new recipe for Peanut Butter cookies. Yum!!!
I told Megan they still weren't like the ones I remember their Grandma making when we were younger. They would melt in your mouth. She told me I cooked them too long. That they need to still be soft in the middle when taken out of the oven. And let them finish cooking while there cooling.
Next is white chocolate chip cookies. So if anyone has a good recipe for them and wouldn't mind sharing please do. They are one of my step-daughters favorites and I promised her the next time they came down we would make them.