Monday, June 29, 2009


Why do bad things happen to good people? I wish I could explain that. Just like I wish I knew how to tell my nine year old daughter why her school teacher that was expecting twin boys lost one of them a couple of weeks ago. I wish I knew why women that doesn't deserve children have them and those wanting them so badly doesn't. Maybe I just have a big heart or a soft spot for children. I came from a family of six children. I remember when I first married, an Aunt asked me how many children I wanted. I definitely wanted more than I had. But God had other plans. I had three of my own with my first husband. Then theirs two other children. They are my husband's two youngest children. I love them as if they were my own. We have them for a month this summer and I know it's going to rip my heart out when they leave.
Then this morning I find out about yet another woman having a miscarriage. I don't know which is worse to be pregnant and lose the baby, or to never know the experience of even having a baby.
Another soft spot in my heart because of my niece and sister-in-law wanting a baby so badly, but haven't been able to get pregnant. My sister-in-law has went through tremendous procedures, time , and money, but yet it still hasn't happened.
I know we're not suppose to ask why? But I do. It's hard for me to understand, much less explain.