Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Random Dozen............Minus 1

It's Wednesday so of course it's time for another Random Dozen. 
And it shows how alert I am, I didn't even notice that she skipped number 4. 

1. Is there a word which you initially mispronounced? Were the circumstances in which you made the faux pas embarrassing? By the way, that's not "foax pass." (I know you know that. Just jokin' with ya.)
The only one that stands out is one that aggravates my husband when I do it.  We all know how we pronounce Houston, as in a name or Houston Texas.  But there's a county in Ga, that is spelled the same but they pronounce it as in HOWSTON.  And it bugs me because why you going to pronounce it differently when it's spelled the same.

2. How do you feel about the use of texting shortcuts and trends? (ex: "I've got ur notes. Get them 2 u 2morow.")
Personally I think it's ruining teenagers knowledge of spelling.  Years from now when they have a job will they remember how to spell and talk correctly.

3. Tell me about your high school senior picture. Please feel free to post.
Nothing special about it.  Thankfully I don't have a copy of it on my computer.  I guess one day I'm going to have to scan alot of pictures on here so I will have them.

5. Share a high school or college homecoming memory.
I think it was my senior year homecoming not really sure.  Our school colors were black and gold.  And I wanted a gold shirt to wear.  So my Mom made me a bright gold satin shirt to wear for homecoming.  Definitely no pictures of it around.

6. Linda at Mocha with Linda wants to know: "Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?"
Probably sunsets.  Sometimes the sky is several colors and so beautiful.

7. Lea at Cici's Corner asks, "What is something you have not done that you desire to do?"  Go to New York.

8. Carol at Wanderings of an Elusive Mind ponders, "If you could come back [in another life] as an animal, which would it be?"
I've never really given it any thought.  Maybe an indoor cat or dog, wouldn't want to be outside when it's bad weather and have to find shelter.
9. Joyce from This Side of the Pond is curious: "Where were you 10 years ago?" Please feel free to elaborate more than just your physical location.
I was living in the house that I had lived in all my life until I got married in 1984.  My ex-husband and I bought it from my Mom in 1999.  Makayla would have only been four months old in October 2010.   So I was still home with her.  I didn't go back to work until November. 
10. When you are proven to be correct in any contentious discussion, do you gloat?
If it's with someone (my husband, or children)  that thought they were right I might gloat a little.

11. What is your favorite food which includes the ingredient "caramel?"
I have an aunt that makes an awesome caramel cake.  It's just your basic cake with caramel icing but it's so good.
12. From my 17 year-old daughter to you: "If you could be part of any fictional family, which family would you choose and why?" (She's so cute. And clever.)
One that has all their bills paid on time and never have to worry about money.