Thursday, November 19, 2009

Winner! The Power Of Respect, fever, birthday, this n that

Congratulations to Latrice  She's the winner of my book giveaway, The Power of Respect.    I had almost forgotten that I haven't posted who had won.

Makayla started running fever late Tuesday night so I haven't had much sleep.  It went as high as 103 with chills, and body aches.  But so far she's been  fever free since last night so hopefully it was just a 24-hour bug.  Or either for some reason, when my girls get exhausted and just need some extra sleep they get a high fever. 

Yesterday when I talked to Megan and told her that Makayla had a fever.  She said well we won't be coming over tomorrow then.  I asked her why they were coming over.  She said your birthday silly.  I explained to her that when you get my age it's just another day.  But honestly I am thankful for another year of being healthy.   God has been so good to my family.