Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Update as per Megan: lol The name of the local pharmacy is McCook's across from Fordham's Farmhouse.

The more blogs I read, it seems that some puts a title so that when googled their blog will be found. Well this one should be pretty popular. LOL
Why is it that people feel like any answer even a wrong one is better than none at all? I dropped off a prescription for Makayla Monday morning at Wal-mart. I was told give us about 30 minutes. An hour later she tells me were out of that medicine will get more in at 5:00 this afternoon. So I returned around 3:00 on Tuesday. I was asked when I dropped it off and proceeded to tell her that I was told they would have more by 5:00 on Monday. So she checked and then returned and say we won't have anymore until Friday. I said that won't work. Could I please have my prescription back? She said I guess you would be pulling your hair out by then.
I didn't say what I really would have liked to have said.
Why does some medicines come with such a stigma? Just assuming that if your child is on a certain type of medicine, that she must be a monster.
If your going to work in a pharmacy, even if your not the pharmacist. Read up on the medicines and familiarize yourself with it's purpose before making wise cracks about it.
But this person was an older lady and their view on medicines for attention deficit is that the child just needs a good spanking. As in previous blogs I thoroughly researched ADD before putting Makayla on it. I realize now just how frustrating it was for her to sit in school and daydream and not concentrate on her work.
So the next time you decide to ridicule my decision for putting my child on medicine. Be thankful that you are healthy and perfect. Because what goes around comes around.
Also, I took the prescription to a locally owned pharmacy this morning and it took about 15 minutes to get it filled. Nice courteous people, that went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of.
So from here on out they will get my pharmacy business.