Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas decorations packed away for another year

Christmas has come and gone once again.  It seems to come faster and faster every year.  With all we have been through this year, we are truly blessed.
 Christmas was wonderful because of the mere fact of being with family and friends, and seeing the looks in the eyes of the kids when they opened their presents.
I look back on the New Year's goals I made last year about this time and realize that I haven't held to them very well.
This year has really put life in perspective.  We almost lost Chris in the car accident, but thankfully from it he has stayed off of drugs since it has happened.  He's still not in church but the seed was planted what short time he lived with us.  So I know it's just a matter of time before he completely turns his life over to the Lord.
Then we almost lost Linda (my mother-in-law) her stroke has left her blind.  We complain about the small things, yet when I visit with her I am so humbled as to how thankful she is.  She says she tries not to be selfish, because God has been so good to her.  And if it's His will that she doesn't regain her eyesight back she accepts that.  But she believes in His timing it will come back.  Christmas Eve she told Scott what time it was while he was holding his cell phone in front of her, and then she told her other son what color shirt he had on.  She says she can't explain it, that it's fuzzy and it's not always there.  But she's trusting God for His will to be done.
She lost her husband while in the hospital and  she says it seems so surreal to her.  She's just ready for closure.  I told her that most people their closure probably comes at the time of the funeral, but we haven't had that.  His wishes was to be cremated so when she's gets out of the hospital and feels up to it we're going to have a Memorial Service. 
In which by the way, she is suppose to get out of the hospital this Thursday.  She will be coming to stay with us however long it may be.  I asked her if she was worrying about that and she says no.  So I told her that we all know the stigma that goes along with in-laws.  But that with her she's like a second Mom to me.  
I started off thinking I was going to post about Christmas and New Year's goals, but I guess that will wait for another time and another post.