Monday, January 24, 2011

Prayer For Joanne

Even though I haven't posted that often lately,  I try to find time to at least read some of ya'll blogs and keep up with everyone.  There's a fellow blogger that needs our prayers.   Some of ya'll may be familiar with her blog.  She's  Joanne over at The Simple Wife.  But regardless if your one of her faithful followers or not.  If it was someone close to you, or yourself I know we would want all the prayers we could get.
She's a wife and a mother of two beautiful girls.  But on the morning of  January 12 she had a major stroke.   She is doing some better but has a long road ahead of her.  For the complete story and more recent updates please visit her blog.  The family needs our prayers and support.
The family is praying Psalms 46 over her and believing for complete healing.  In which I know God can answer our prayers.
I saw a miracle firsthand this summer when Chris recovered from his car accident and now again with Linda.  Her vision is improving everyday, and she has went this weekend from using a walker to using a cane.  Her memory is still foggy in areas but it is improving also.