Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Sweet By and By by Sara Evans Review

There's not many books that interest me enough to stay awake late at night trying to finish them, or have a hard time putting them down.  But this one did.  I truly enjoyed reading it, and hope to read the other three of her books in this series. 
The book itself is about a girl "Jade" and growing up in a family feeling unloved.  Her Dad left when she was eight years old and her Mom was always off traveling with the latest fling.  Maybe her Mom was trying to find her own love also.  Jade was the oldest of three children and had to help her Granny raise her younger brother and sister.  But her Granny built the foundation that would later come back to Jade when tormented about her past mistakes.  Granny was a true christian lady that showed them love and compassion.
I myself can't relate to growing up the way Jade did but I'm sure there is plenty out there these days that can.  Families just seem to be torn apart more lately.
In later years Jade finally comes to grips with what has truly been eating away at her for so many years.  It's not so much the way her Mom treated her, but more her forgiving herself.   Several people comes into her life and show her what it's truly like to be loved and not condemned.   Just like Christ himself he came to love and forgive, not condemn us for the mistakes we make. 
Overall the book was contradictory to any other romance novel, or chick flick.  The girl meets the guy they fall in love and get married.  But it has it's twists and turns a long the way.  Jade coundn't move forward until she forgot the past and was forgiven for the mistakes she had made.  When she finally asked for forgiveness, Christ was there with open arms.  Just as He is with us, he's there waiting for us to come to Him.  He's there for us but he's not going to force himself on anyone.
Would I recommend this book?  Yes I would.  It's a christian romance story of true forgiveness.  I think it would be encouraging to anyone that is finding it hard to forgive themselves for past mistakes.  Also for those that may been looking for love by making bad choices.  We've all made mistakes but it shares the truth that Christ is there to love and forgive us.

You can purchase the book online at Thomas Nelson or through  Amazon .

Disclosure:  I received this book through Thomas Nelson to read and review it.  There was no other compensation.