Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year, and New Beginnings

Everyone seems to blogging about resolutions and goals for the new year.  I can't remember the last itme I made any resolutions.  Probably when I realized that I don't stick to them so why bother.
But I do feel like the new year brings a chance for a new beginning.

One --- To spend more time reading my Bible.  One of the blogs I read, is suggesting in 90 days.  But that seems like quite a bit.  But then I'm also reminded of what my Sunday School teacher said a few Sundays ago.  She asked if we were reading a good novel about the same thickness as our Bible it wouldn't take us a year to read it.  Just a thought.  Not sure how fast I will read it.  My goal right now is just to read it more than I have in the past.

Two ---  I want to eat healthier.  I've lost weight in the pass by drinking water, and watching my sugar and bread intake and no fried foods.  For exercise I walked or either did the Biggest Loser 1 Workout.    It doesn't take any special foods, it's about portion control, and the way it is cooked.  My pitfall is I'm not a big fruit and vegetable eater, more of a meat and potato.  Definetly not one to eat salads of any kind.  I can still hear my Dad say when my Mom offered him a salad that he wasn't eating rabbit food.  My goal is to lose 10 lbs a month.  It's overwhelming when I look at the big picture so I'm focusing on smaller goals.  I also hope to share recipes that I find that I enjoy and are healthy.

Three  ---  I want to be a better wife and mother.  I have a bad habit of venting my problems to other family members and it leaves them with negative thoughts and feelings.  Also I'm reading the book by Elizabeth George  "A Wife After God's Own Heart", and I will be blogging once a week about it.

Four ---  I want to spend less time on the computer.  Makayla is at  school from 8:00 to 2:00, so no more than an hour of computer time in the evenings.    December was a blur with all the giveaways and trying to build my blog up.  I added followers but where are ya'll now that the giveaways are over.  Speaking of giveaways there is one coming up in the next week or so.  But that's the only one I know of for now.  I have worried about making my blog professional looking.  But came to the conclusion, that's not who I am.  I am what I am.  I received awards in December I haven't even taken the time to blog about.  Blogging to me is about friends and encouragement.  If I can encourage just one person through something I blog about or better yet lead someone to Christ that is priceless.  That is worth more to me than any amount of money I may or may not make one day blogging.

Five --- Last but not least exercise, in which it goes right along with the eating healthy.  It's one thing to watch the Biggest Loser every week.  But it's another to exercise, and not to be eating ice cream, or some other high calorie food while watching it.