Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another weigh-in day

Well this week sure wasn't as good as last week.  But I had a terrible weekend.  I gained a half a pound.  I know that's not much but it was a gain not a lost. 
I was doing good on the elliptical, then I got slack on the weekend.  Not to mention Friday night we ate at Cracker Barrel.  But it didn't stop there.  Saturday we finally started moving everything out of  my Mother-in-Laws house into a storage building.  So we were busy with that so we ate at Pizza Hut for lunch.  Sunday I did okay until we visited Bruster's after church Sunday night.  For those who may not know what Bruster's is, I had an ice cream cone.
So last night I got my butt back on the elliptical, and surprised myself by making it for twenty minutes.
So how about y'all?  I've had several leave comments that they needed to eat healthier and/or they needed to exercise.  So are any of y'all that weren't exercising, have y'all started a routine yet?  Would love to hear if you have and what results you are seeing.