Friday, February 20, 2009

Yard Sales

I started to write this as a comment on my niece's blog on yard sales. Maybe that's why I love Spring and Fall so much because yard sales are in full swing then.

I even got Megan to go to a few but she hasn't learned the art of negotiating yet. lol In other words, if I see something I want and don't want to pay what their asking I offer a lower price. Trust me if it's late enough in the day, they will take it. Because as you know, if you have ever had a yard sale, you really don't want to pack all that junk back up and find somewhere to store it until the next time.

I have a story that happened to us that truly one man's junk is another man's treasure.


My husband and I hadn't been married long and I was just getting him to go to yard sales with me. We had also been thinking about going camping. So while out at yard sales one morning he saw on old Coleman Lantern that they wanted $7.00 for. Only difference from the picture is that it was yellow.  I almost talked him out of it because we hadn't actually been camping yet. Well he bought it and brought it home and remembered he had been looking at camping stuff on ebay. So the one he bought was an old yellow one still in the box had never been used in mint condition. So out of curiousity he went on ebay just to see what it was worth. There was some on there going for 3-4 hundred dollars. So we figured why not, go for it. So we placed it on ebay, and made $950.00 off of it.
We're also big fans of freecycle, and I had saw on it one time an old turntable in a handmade wooden cabinet. I thought it was something my husband would like. Well after two moves and a few year laters he still hadn't refinished the cabinet. I convinced him to get rid of it. I was going to put it back on freecycle. He said let me check ebay. So he put just the turntable on ebay, and got $260.00.
So the next time you see something at a yard sale that might remotely look like it's worth something. Check ebay before doing anything with it. It can definetly change the way you see junk.

The Number 19

Hard to come up with anything to blog today. The only thing we're all thinking about these days is when will Megan have the baby.
Well she got her wish about yesterday. She wasn't born on the "19Th". Even though at this point I don't think she would really care. If you ask her about having the baby, she would tell you yesterday wouldn't have been too soon for her.
OK the "19Th" you ask?
I was born on November "19Th", which I would think was a good thing. Then their Dad and I got married on December "19Th". Enough said on that one. lol You will see why. Our divorce was final on July "19Th" seventeen years and three children later. Then he married their step-mom on January "19Th". I have also remarried but not on the "19Th", close the 20Th. But the rehearsal was on the "19Th". The date I chose would have been my Mom and Dad's "50Th" wedding anniversary, so to me there wasn't a more perfect date to pick.
And as Megan says try as they may. Her and Denny got married on May 5, 2007, add it up 5+5+2+7 = 19. lol
That's all the ones that I can think of. I'm sure if there's more Megan will be sure to let us know.