Monday, February 9, 2009

Drag Racing

Well my daughter ( Megan) thinks I have a lot to blog about and at times I guess my life can be quite interesting. lol In which as soon as Megan has the baby I'm sure there will be a lot to talk about.
But one thing that is on my mind today that I can't get off is what I saw last night. Whereas I can hear Megan saying "Mom are you really that naive"? I guess I am. But last night while standing outside in my driveway, two cars went flying by drag racing. Maybe I'm getting old, or I'm just not use to country life yet. But, why can't kids realize how dangerous drag racing can be? I stood there and listened just knowing I would hear a crash. Because we're really not that far out in the country. All I could think of was that they were going to reach the curve about a half a mile from my house and some innocent person coming from the other direction would be hit head on. Because they were going so fast I just don't see where it would have been possible for them to stop. Then I called my husband because I knew he was on his way home. I told him to please be careful because I don't know how far they raced before slowing down and if they only slowed down long enough to get through town and start again. When he got home he said he didn't see anyone racing. That we're only two miles from town and they knew when to slow down. I said, what we're they thinking? He said kids don't think or see the danger. Why do you think boys car insurance is so high until they are 25? So I guess I am naive, sheltered, old, or whatever you want to call it. But it's still dangerous.