Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter !!!!!!!!

One sure sign of Easter is dying Easter eggs. I wish they could have done a bowl full of them. But only three of the six of us eat them. That would be alot of egg eating. lol
But they still had fun none the less. We always hide plastic eggs Easter afternoon. Because there's nothing more disgusting than finding boiled eggs weeks later. Gross! LOL

Never thought I would say this

I'm tired of shopping!!!! I've realized this week a woman can truly get tired of shopping. Sunday after church and lunch, we all went Easter shopping. As in me, my husband his two kids and two of mine. Ages, 8, 9, 11, and 18. After several hours and two malls we had all but mine and my 11 year old step-daughter. I don't understand what the designers of clothes are thinking. Some of the clothes we saw even for my eight year old daughter, simply put trashy looking. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but this isn't something I want my eight year old daughter wearing Easter morning to church.
So Monday we headed out again, this time myself, Makayla, and Brianna (my step-daughter), met my oldest daughter and granddaughter in town. After a few more hours of shopping we found a dress for Brianna. I found a skirt and sweater I liked but the skirt was too big. So after returning home I remembered my husband was about an hour away and there was also a Cato's in that town. He says the women probably laughed for quite a while, him looking for a specific skirt for me. But after I talked to a sales clerk there we came up with one.

We took a break from shopping Tuesday and Wednesday and returned at it once again yesterday. This time for shoes. So after shopping for shoes, and grocery shopping in Wal-mart in the middle of the day. A big no-no by the way. It's way too crowded. We are through shopping for Easter. Can't wait to post plenty of pictures after we get all dressed up on Sunday. Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!