Monday, November 30, 2009

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We got so busy cooking, baking cookies with the girls, going here and yonder that I completely forgot to blog on Thanksgiving. In which is no excuse because with blogger you can set it to post when you want it to. Then we had to go out of town for a funeral, so Makayla was gone for the weekend.

So we went to see The Blind Side, when we got back in town.  If you haven't seen it yet.  It's worth going to. There's not many that I want to watch more than once.  But when we left I told my husband that's one that I want on DVD when it comes out. I laughed, I cried, and laughed so hard I cried. I love sandra Bullock as an actress but in this one her true southern style comes out.

Now on to the next business.                                                  

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the big day.  I hope ya'll are ready for Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaways.  There will be at least one giveaway a day for the next 12 days.   All giveaways are from various Etsy stores.  If you haven't already would you please add my 12 Days of Christmas button to your blog.  For all of those that do, let me know, and leave it there until December 13th.  And/or blog about these giveaways and you will be entered for a seperate giveaway, that  I myself will be doing on Sunday December 13th.  It will be  a giveaway of some of my favorite things for Christmas. 
 This is my first year blogging, so I guess I can't say my annual giveaway.  But I hope that is what it will become, growing bigger and better every year.  Most of the giveaways are Christmas related, but there are a few that can be used year around.
So check back everyday, your not going to want to miss my Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaways.