Friday, November 19, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover Savannah

As most of ya'll know I lived in the Savannah area until three years ago.  And anyone that knows anything about Savannah usually would think of  who else but Paula Deen.  Megan was there and snapped a picture real fast before they yelled no pictures inside.
But this week the buzz was all about this.
Yes, Ty and his crew choose a much deserving family to remake their house.  They moved to Savannah to be closer to their son's Doctors.  The house they bought was in much need repair.  They were having to cook at their neighbors and wash dishes in the bathtub.

From this...........

to this.

My son-in-law (Denny) and his brother are electricians and was chosen to work in the therapy room for the youngest son.  Megan spent two days down there mostly taking pictures.  So I was so excited when she called me Wednesday afternoon needing a ride back home.  So I was down there for a few hours that afternoon.  It was so amazing to see 100's of volunteers coming together and working.  Giving of their time and talent for a family they may have never even met.  Everyone knew what they were suppose to be doing and worked together so beautifully.