Monday, March 23, 2009

A week for rear-enders

First, it was Megan on Monday that was in a wreck that someone hit here in the rear. Then yesterday we were coming back from taking my step-kids back to Cordele. We had gotten almost to McRae when this car in front of us slammed on brakes and turned quickly on a dirt road. We had just started going again when I felt a "BAAM". I asked what was that and my husband said we've just been hit. Well fortunately no one was hurt. We are so thankful his kids were already out because his son would have been in the back seat and it could have hurt him. So now we wait for the police report for the insurance to figure out if it's fixable. Both doors on the passenger side is hard to open, so the frame may possible be messed up. I want a newer more economical car, but don't want the car payments that comes with it. This one is paid for and is several years old so it would be hard to find one for what they would probably give us for it.
But again, thankfully no one was hurt. Just reminds us we have to watch out for the other driver as well as ourselves.


  1. I am so happy no one got hurt!!!
    At least it's paid for and I hope you can get it fixed.

  2. I'm thankful that no one was hurt. What a week you had!


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