Thursday, March 19, 2009

busy busy busy

I feel like I'm constantly on the go these days. Monday morning I had a conference with Makayla's teacher. Will tell more about that on another post. Tuesday I spent the morning at Megan's, in which definitely not complaining about that day. I got to hold Emily and get lots of sugar from her. Wednesday ended up doing laundry since it had been stacking up all week. Also been going through old pictures, now I'm wanting a scanner to put some of these "old" pictures on here. Today and tomorrow the kids have half days. So I get back home from dropping them off at 8:00, just to pick Makayla up again at 11:45. When I pick her up today we're going about an hour away to her Pediatrician, story tied together with conference. So more to come about that too.
Tomorrow is my anniversary. So who knows what and where that day will hold.


  1. Your are a busy Mom n Granmom. I know your enjoying that new baby. Hope you and your Hubby have a very Happy Anniversary and many more happy years to come.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I hope that all is well!

  3. Happy anniversary! Hope you had fun! :)


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