Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update on Makayla Living with "ADD"

She's been taking her medicine for a week now. I didn't realize it would help so quickly. She's more laid-back and mellow. Not sure how the mess in her desk at school is. I go Friday for an Easter party so we will see. Her bedroom is still a bit out of sorts. But maybe that's just the way she likes it. So I tell her I need stuff off the floor when I vacuum and she does it. She still has outbursts of tears now and then. But can't expect everything to change so quickly. Friday she came home totally excited, she went up a level in reading. For those who are familiar with accelerated readers and the colors of the dots on the books. Her dot changed colors. So now we've made a goal as to what color dot we want on her books by the end of this school year. She also made a 100 on her spelling test last Thursday, so I honestly believe we're making progress. We must be because Megan could even tell a difference in her yesterday. So maybe she wasn't just spoiled rotten. She needed help in concentrating and focusing.

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  1. So happy to hear Makayla is responding well to her medication. What a difference it can make for children who suffer from ADD.


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