Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I did it!!!!

About a month ago my husband and I was looking at buying a lawn mower. And we all know men and their toys. He wanted a riding one with all the bells and whistles, in which is totally out of our budget. I begged him for a push mower, so much more affordable and I promised him that I would always cut the grass. I'm home all day so why not, plus I definitely need the exercise.
He's been out of town alot lately. He left Monday and will be home this afternoon. So yesterday afternoon I made my mind up to get the grass cut before he got home. And "I Did It"!!! I cut the entire yard by myself yesterday in a little less than three hours. What a work-out. It was cloudy with a nice breeze, and the thought hit me. Sure it's easy today but what about August when the heat index is over 100. Will just have to do it early mornings and then jump in the pool to cool off. lol Now to see if he even notices when he gets home today. We shall see.


  1. Shawn & I fight over who cuts the grass. We both enjoy doing it so much. Wierd - I know.
    We just take turns when it gets hotter. BUT our yard is much smaller than yours I'm sure so it doesn't take very long to get it done.

  2. Good job! I love to cut the lawn but since I have two teen boys, I let them do it.

  3. We can only have a push mower for our over one half acre of yard, due to husband's brain injury. The only time the pushing is difficult is after the winter for the first mowing AND after a long, heavy rain.
    But all in all, very satisfying once the job is done.


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