Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Denny !!!!!!

Today is my son-in-law Denny's Birthday. As parents we worry about who our children will one day marry. But I wouldn't want anyone different for Megan to have married. Denny is so good to her and Emily. He was right by her side the seventeen hours we were at the birthing center waiting for Emily to be born. And we just found out Friday night that he even cut the cord. Not many men has the stomach to do that nor the patience. And if you know Denny he is an outdoor person, so it took a lot for him to stay in that little room for that long, but he did out of love for his wife and daughter. He works hard and provides everything they could possible need. And I'm sure the older Emily gets there will be a lot of wants that he gives also. I told Megan I hope she realizes how good of a man she has. The times I have been over there this past week, he has been right there for her. Getting what she needed before she ever had to ask. So Megan please don't ever take him for granted, because as you know there is a lot worse out there.

Denny, Happy Birthday, we love you, and thank you for being so good to Megan and Emily. And for being the best son-in-law a Mom could possibly have.


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