Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Introduction please

I want to introduce ya'll to a new blogger.  She's a great friend of mine, and also my cousin.  But  more than that she has a wonderful annointed voice.  I hope one day she can post a video of her singing at her church.
Her blog is Crea's Corner of the World, and her name is Lucretia, but everyone just calls her Crea .
She's loves God, her family, and her church. 
She's just getting started so hop on over and say hi, and introduce yourself.  I've told her how ya'll are such a great group of christian bloggers.
Visit her often I'm sure you wont' be dissapointed by her uplifting, and sometimes funny posts.


  1. Headed over there now to welcome her to the wondeful world of blogging!

  2. Always love to meet new bloggers. I'll head over now.

  3. I love her name...going over to say hi now!

  4. Thank you Thena, so much...You have been a wonderful help to this computer illiterate, baby blogger. lol I love you to pieces!!!

  5. I've already meet her, I have her in my reader.


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