Monday, March 28, 2011

Chris is engaged !!!

We went to see Chris last weekend, I hadn't seen him since he left last October.  He is doing so good.  His voice is back to normal, and he's gone back to work.  He is working for the same company that he was working for before the accident.
But he's also engaged to get married.  He's marrying his high school sweetheart.  They have dated for about four years other than for a few months before the wreck. She had broke up with him because of the lifestyle he was living.  She has a four-year old son (Tyler) that Chris loves as if he was his own.
So we know he is staying off the drugs or she would never have agreed to marry him.  They're hoping to get married this summer at the beach in Savannah.  We've hinted that maybe they could get married at our church since Chris attended while he was here with us.
We're also still praying for his salvation.  He has such a testimony that God could use to turn other teen-agers lives around.
But it will happen one day.  God didn't spare his life for nothing.  But thankfully it has gotten him off the drugs that he was on, and he and his Dad has become really close through it all.


  1. What awesome news! Isn't it amazing how God works through what seem like such horrible circumstances?

  2. Great news. We'll add him to our prayer list.

  3. Such wonderful happy to hear it!

  4. Congrats to Chris. Wonderful news. Sandie

  5. Praise God for this wonderful news, Thena. You must be thrilled! Praying with you!

  6. Oh my, what a bushel of blessings!

    I have three adult children that I continue to pray for in terms of salvation. Keeps us storming heaven, doesn't it?


  7. That is wonderful news...much happiness goes out to the whole family. Chris has his whole life ahead of all up to him to make the right choices...lets pray he will!
    BTW we are finally getting down to Brunswick...hopefully will be there by this Sat. we are only staying for two weeks. Just long enough to check on the place and see our dear friends in Orlando Fl.

  8. That's wonderful news! Chris sounds like a work in progress to me.

  9. Wonderful news! It's so nice to hear happy endings to things that are so tragic. Blessings to you and your family!

  10. Great to hear this wonderful news about Chris! Wow, has it really been since October since he left? My where does the time go. Congrats to him!

  11. Now that is just the most wonderful news. I am so happy for him.


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