Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Books

My oldest daughter Megan has been wanting two certain books for the baby. You know the one that's three days past her due date. One was Goodnight Moon, and the other one we couldn't think of the name of it. Until Tuesday when posted on her blog about the exact book. Love you forever.

So yesterday morning I set out to find these two books for Megan to read to baby girl. Megan had been down the last couple of days, just plain out miserable. So unknown to me she had gotten up and went shopping about the same time I did. When I found the books I texted her and caught up with her at Hobby Lobby. The look on her face, in which I haven't gotten so good at this stuff yet as carrying my camera with me everywhere. But I truly believe it helped to lift her spirits.
She has an appointment today with the mid-wife. So prayerfully she will be ready by then. If not it's going to be a really long weekend.
Will keep y'all posted.


  1. Well I had to comment on this one!!! Goodnight Moon is Dylan's
    favorite book! But guess who introduced it to us? Makayla! He likes it so much ( and I've read it SO many times) that every night I tell it to him by heart ( in the dark) to get him to sleep!!! I've memorized it word for word!!! Dylan's favorite line of the book is- "Goodnight to the old lady whispering "hush" ( in which he says hush!) Well I love love love that book!!! I also have the other one which my sister gave me and I haven't introduced to him because the pages are "paper" not a board book and I think he might rip em'. Okay just wanted you to know!

  2. Goodnight moon is a standard for all children. My oldest grandaughter age 12 got it as a baby and has since passed it down to the other three...ages 10,5 and 2. Keep us posted on the new arrival.


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