Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Three Children

I'm wondering how can three children from the same parents be so different. Megan my oldest has always been laid-back, easy going. But not lazy, whatever she puts her mind to doing, somehow it will get done.
Never into any trouble for the most part. A good head on her shoulders most of the time. We had our normal teen-age years, you know the ones. Nobody can tell them anything, they know it all. But I don't think the rough part lasted more than a year.
And now she has grown into an intellegent, beautiful woman, that's going to be a Mommy any day now.


Then there's the middle child, the only boy, Michael, he's 18. Like a torpedo, full speed ahead. When he was younger I always said from the time his feet hit the floor in the morning until his head hit the pillow at night he was non-stop. And now he is so head-strong, and argumentive about everything. You could tell him the sky is blue and he would argue with you that there was some white in it too. Every day it seems we butt heads about something, and most of the time it's the most trivial things. But he just has to argue his point, to no end. And getting to his point. Oh my it's never ending. I think sometimes he could make a preacher drink because I know there's days I've thought about calling Megan and tell her to fix
me one. Where did I go so wrong with him? Why did he have to be the one
to be 100% like his Dad?  Why couldn't he have been more like my side
of the family?  Quiet, easy-going, laid-back? I know they can't all be
alike.  But he could have been a little like my side of the family.
Maybe he should be a lawyer
since he likes to argue so much.

Then the youngest one. A girl, Makayla. A surprise to all of us when I had her. She's another torpedo, for lack of another word. Wide-open all the time never slows down until she goes to sleep.
She's only eight but sometimes I think she's already a teenager. Her moods, oh my goodness. You would think she was hormonal already. Five more years until she's a teenager.
She has a best friend at school, which happens to be a boy. They were in class together last year, and this year. Field trips, playground, lunch, it doesn't matter. If you see one, you see the other.
Then this year, the buying each other stuff started.
They had to buy each other Christmas presents, which I thought was cute. Then came Valentine's and yes we had to buy a present again. Yesterday she comes home from school, and they've exchanged phone numbers. They know everything about each other. I have never seen two people so young talk about so much.


How will I ever survive her teenage years?


  1. Your kids sure do have different personalities, but that is what makes them their own person. As a Mom you learn to relate to each child in a different way. Its cute how your youngest has a male best friend. When is that grandbaby getting here?? I am waiting also.

  2. Well you posting lets me know baby girl hasn't arrived yet...atleast not before noon today.

    Kids are just different. Take me & your other neice for example. We are NOTHING alike. So much that we don't meet eye to eye on anything.

  3. Well your 3 are as different as me and my brother and sister. Mom says she can't imagine 3 that's more different. Chris is extremely easy going and patient, kind- etc. Everybody loves him and says how polite he is. My sister Kim is extremely hyper, always on the go, never slows down, has a schedule made up 3 months in advance. Me (the youngest) I'm moody, introverted and at the same time spontaneous. I don't like planning things- I just go with the flow or else I get stressed. We were all together today (which is a rarity) and we were discussing how different we are. I told Mom she is lucky she's in the middle! It's true about temperament and personality traits. I enjoy reading up on them.

  4. I'm sure you did a great job of raising her, so just trust her and relax (if you can). You both will survive!


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