Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How many do you follow?

I get so overwhelmed when I realize how many blogs I follow.  I think of unfollowing some, but then how does a person choose which ones.  At the present I follow 226 blogs.  There is no way I can read all them everyday and write a post myself.  May be that's why I don't write, I'm too busy reading.  lol
I wonder what is the average number of blogs to follow.  I know others have written about this same subject.  So, how do ya'll come to a happy medium?   I stopped a long time ago following blogs just to enter a giveaway.  Unless it's a blog that really peaks my interest, I'm not going to follow it to try and win.  I also will never ask for followers to win a giveaway on my blog anymore unless required by sponsor of giveaway. 

School started back yesterday so hopefully my life will slow down a little.  Makayla started middle school this year.    Seems like only yesterday I can still remember taking Megan (my oldest daughter) to her first day of Kindergarten.  I cried all the way home everyday for the first week.  Now in just two short years her Emily will start Pre-K.  Time is going by way too fast.  I want the slow, simple life we had when I was younger again.


  1. Wow, school started up again? That seems early. I think schools start up here around the 20th ... I'm not sure because DD homeschools.

    I follow 65 blogs, but not all of them are active (I just can't remember which ones aren't ... or I'd unfollow them). I have, over time, unfollowed some very focused blogs (for example, I love quilting and used to follow some quilting-focused blogs but after time I got tired of reading just about quilting ... I never felt like I got to know the blogger or I used to follow some food/recipe-focused blogs but after time I realized that the recipes shared really weren't ones that DH & I would enjoy). Of course, I've added others, so I've probably added more than I've unfollowed. ;-) I'll be praying for wisdom for you to discern which blogs (if any) you need to unfollow.

  2. Wow, it's hard to believe that school is starting up already. It's so hot! Ours begins next week. My granddaughter doesn't begin pre-K until after Labor Day since it's privately operated.

    I, too, find myself wishing for a simpler life. Time is passing so quickly, and I want it to slow down!

    I follow a few too many blogs, as well. Some I never get around to reading, but hate to delete them. I have about 100 on my bog roll, but only visit about a fourth of them regularly.

    Have a great day!

  3. Wow school really starts early there...that means summer is over!!! Soooo why is it still so hot!!!LOL our kids go back to school Aug 29 I think! I had to go back n see how many blogs I have on my blog list...its a total of 30 but only about 15 are pretty active...so I can handle that amount! You are so right Thena..time is just flying by!!!

  4. I have over 1000 in my reader. I use to follow everyone I meet. I haven't deleted anyone because I don't want to hurt anyone. There are maybe 600 I have in folders that I just clear daily. I have some I only read with the meme on that day. I am trying to stop reading so many but it's hard. I have close to 100 who I read and comment on most days and it now feels like work which is not a good thing. I am here for
    6-8 hours a day which means I am not really enjoying my life!

  5. I am too afraid to count the number of blogs in my reader. When I logged in tonight to read, I had 396 unread items, which could include multiple items for many different blogs. I did a post a while back and notified my readers that I was going to dump some of the blogs that I don't read. It's hard to know which ones. First, if I follow a blog that hasn't posted in a month, I delete it, unless I know of a reason why it's not being updated. Secondly, sometimes I find over time the content of a blog I followed isn't really inline which what I want to read every day. I can be pretty insane at times. And I find that I am still adding blogs to read. I love buidling community. I just hope I don't die trying!

  6. Honestly I don't even know how many blogs I follow. I do know that I barely have the time to keep up with all of them as it is now. I feel bad when I haven't had the time to visit everyone. Things will slow down for me too once school starts and I can begin my regular blog routine once again!

  7. Just evaluate why you started blogging. Was it to make contacts/friends? Was it to document your life?

    There are so many wonderful bloggers. But as another said...it could become work or a job.

  8. I can really relate...both to the blog dilema and to the melancholy feelings of the kids school days!

  9. Hi there, Thank you for stopping by my blog, it is a blessing to visit you. I am struggling with the same issue-I am well over 200 blogs that I follow and could spend my entire day reading. I tend to go through google-reader and look at the first sentence or title to decide if I want to read a certain blog on any day. Many are just decorating ideas but from time to time I do eliminate blogs I just don't keep up on.
    Blessings, Noreen

  10. Don't know how many blogs I follow--I'm afraid to count. Sometimes it does feel overwhelming. I read most of the them in Google Reader, which means I don't always comment. A couple of times, I've "cleaned up" my Reader by unfollowing any blog that hadn't posted in several months. And I used to feel bad about unfollowing ones that didn't interest me anymore, but I've gotten over that. Thanks for stopping by mine! Sorry I've taken so long to visit yours. I will be back!


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