Saturday, May 21, 2011

TSMSS.............No More Night

If you have seen the news any at all this week everyone is talking about Harold Camping's prediction of the world ending today.  If anything he's making a laughing stock out of the christian.  Because if anyone reads their Bible they know that nobody knows the day nor the hour. 
  But as a christian why should we worry?  We should be excited not dreading it.  My only concern is those that are not ready.  It breaks my heart to know I have family and friends that aren't ready.
While looking for a song for today I came across this one and I think it says it better than I can.

For more great music join Amy at Signs, Miracles, and Wonders.


  1. Beautiful song! Have a wonderful Saturday!

  2. This song is so comforting. I remember when my son was dying, that nights were the hardest. In Heaven there will be no more night!

  3. OH what a beautiful song! And what a day that will be when my Jesus I will see!

    Blessings to you this Saturday!

  4. I am crying already! I have this DVD and I purchased it after my mother died. It is so comforting to know that I will see her again in heaven but I miss her so much.

    And I so agree with you and all these predictions of the end of the world. I mentioned this in a post I wrote for Laced with Grace on Thursday. The Bible says no one knows the day or the hour. But we should always be ready for His return. If we lived with that in mind, I'm sure actions and motivations might be changed and refocused. May we make the most of the opportunities we have now while it is still light.

    blessings and love,

  5. Thena...I'm so thankful that I know where I'm going when the world comes to an end. My prayer is that everyone would have that same assurance. No one can sing like David Phelps!

  6. Everyone at work was tripping over this stupid prediction. I told them I wasn't saying Christ wasn't coming today but that man had no clue. Like you I am thrilled and excited at the thought of Christ's coming. No matter what, every day is one day closer to Heaven.

  7. I have family who is not ready either :(

  8. I, too, have family who is not ready ... and they were having a field day with the fact that the "end of the world" hadn't happened as he'd predicted. You're so right when people like him make a laughingstock out of those of us who believe ... not only that, he provides fuel for non-believers to justify their unbelief ... and my sisters were certainly taking advantage of that opportunity this past weekend. :-(


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