Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Car Repairs

Being a female I almost refuse to take my car to a mechanic.  But sometimes it can't be helped especially with Scott traveling so much.  I can remember when Scott and I was dating and I took my car to a mechanic.  I took the paper I received from the mechanic showing what work needed to be done on my car and what it would cost.  Then I took the estimate to Scott and he looked it over and pointed out a part that they wanted to replace that wasn't even on my car.
Well I found this website called RepairPal that is approved by the BBB.  You can go it and find mechanics in the area in which you live.   My car is needing it's tires rotated and balanced so I went on RepairPal and not only found a mechanic close by but also an estimate of what it should cost me.
On RepairPal, you can also list the cars that you own and any car repair and maintenance you may have done on your car.  It will keep track of it all for you.  It will also let you know of any recalls there may be.
Last but not least it has a column as referred to as encyclopedia.  There it gives you helpful hints for the maintenance of your car.
The best part of it all it's free.  RepairPal has quick and easy sign-up, just and e-mail address and to know the make and year of your car.  Very simple.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.


  1. This sounds like a very valuable source for us gals, especially. I also hate to take my car in for any kind of repair. My hubs is in charge of that. Thanks for sharing this web site...I am sure it will ve very handy!

  2. Sorry...I forgot to ask about your fam!!

  3. I never heard of them but I will certainly check them out! I hate being taken...

  4. Thanks for this valuable information, Thena. I have never heard of it before.


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