Friday, September 24, 2010

Chris is Home

I actually went and picked him up from the hospital on Tuesday.  First time I had drove to Macon by myself so we got a little turned around coming back.  Almost ended up on I-75 going towards Atlanta.  Finally made it home and had to get prescriptions filled and settled in. 
Wednesday  I got him in to see a throat specialist.  I had never met him but he is a wonderful christian.  Talked to Chris about what had been going on, and then asked him if he attended church.
 He made Chris's day by telling him he could eat popsicles and lolipops.  I just can't imagine having not tasted anything for two months.  But little by little maybe we can get his strength and weight built back up.  He's lost 48 lbs in the two months he was in the hospital.

Then Wednesday evening Scott got home from being out of town all week and had hurt his back.   So I had to take him to the Doctor yesterday, but all the medicines seems to have helped him by this morning.
So it's been a very busy week.  But with time we will all adjust. 

Giveaway coming Monday so watch for it.  It's another great one from Blogsparks.


  1. Praying God gives you daily His strength and mercy. You are such a blessing to Chris (and many others!).

  2. So glad Chris is home...good luck with this new venture. Keep the Faith!

  3. Thankful Chris is home. Thankful you made the drive safely. Driving thru Atlanta can be a bear!

    Blessings and prayers,

  4. May God continue to strengthen you as you take care of Chris.

  5. What a wonderful blessing. Praying that it works out well for all of you and that Chris makes great progress.

  6. Welcome home Chris!!! So glad you are there for him!

  7. So glad to hear he is home! God is so awesome!

  8. Praying for the adjustment period for you all to go smoothly and Chris continues to make progress!

  9. It is awesome he is home - big job for you - one day at a time. sandie


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