Thursday, September 10, 2009

What could they possible be thinking?

What could possibly be so important that people have to drive dangerously and irresponsible? Is a your job more important than your life? Is your family more important than your life? I wouldn't think so and I don't think they would think so either.
What I'm talking about is yesterday while driving on a 2-lane road with speed limit 55. I was going about 60 with a car in front of me. A truck passed me and then a short time later he passed the other car. No biggie. But then a truck came up behind me and passed all three of us. Crazy, yep. Well hold on it gets worse.
Those two trucks get on down the road because they must be going at least 70 after they pass me and the car in front of me. Well then there's a little pick-up truck and I see him passing me and I'm thinking surely hes going to get in front of me, there's a car coming from the other direction. But no he continues to pass the car in front of me also. The car coming towards him is fastly approaching towards him. Me and the car in front of me put on our brakes trying to give him room to get in front of us. The car coming from the other direction had to of slowed down also or they would have hit head-on. The little truck cut in our lane in front of the car in front of me missing the car coming towards him by about a car length. I'm serious he cut in the lane so close it looked like something you would see in a movie. By then he had to be going at least 70mph. I wonder if he even realizes that if he had hit the other car head on that all involved probably wouldn't have made it. Other than short of a miracle.
So please tell me, what is possibly more important than your life that would cause you to drive so erratically?


  1. Those are the instances when I usually say to myself (to that person)"see you at the next red-light, buddy". Shawn says those people need God in their life. He used to be in such a hurry, speeding, driving crazy but has since slowed down b/c he knows there is only one place we should be in a hurry to & we don't need to hurry there.

  2. Thena,

    We see those types of drivers all over all roadways and highways here in Southern California. I think sometimes we have the worst of them. I steer clear of them when I can because it is usually those folks that cause the rest of us to get into an accident while they drive away free and clear. No place can make me be in that much of a hurry.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Some people just don't think. Is it really going to make that much of a difference to be 2 cars ahead?? What makes it even worse is when it is raining or snowing and you see these crazies out there. I usually just slow down and let them get on with it!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you are from GA. I grew up there and miss it so much!! Especially in the fall.

  5. I have thought these same things. It is much better to get there safe than to get there in a hurry!


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