Friday, August 7, 2009

We're finally home !!!

Before moving here we basically lived in the vicinity of where I had lived all my life. I had went to the same church all my life and I could never see myself leaving. But after almost two years of driving about 45 minutes each way for three services a week, then we went to two services and then it was just Sunday morning. During the summer when there was six of us getting ready and leaving an hour before church even started, it just got too stressful. We tried two or three churches here in town a few times, but none really felt like home. Well the weekend that Makayla had to go to the burn center for her hand, we were all exhausted. So that Sunday morning we went to . And from that moment we knew we were at home. I have never met people that are so caring and full of love. There hasn't been a service yet that someone doesn't greet us and the pastor always hugs us. The third service that we were there the pastor (Bro. Will) came over and put his arm around Makayla and prayed for the burns on her hand. That touched me in such a way. For someone to go above and beyond the call of duty. Then I asked Megan to go with us. Her first question after arriving, was are you sure this is a baptist church? Everyone is so friendly. Then the next week Denny, her husband came with her. And now even his Mom is coming with them, and she is asking others in her family to come too. So I know for sure now that this is the church were suppose to be at. It's an awesome growing church, that if you live close by you should try. But you have to get there early it's standing room only on Sunday mornings.


  1. It is so important to belong to a church that you feel at home in. I went throught the same thing when I first came to Pa. I continued going to my old Luthern church just 30 minutes away in Md. After both of my daughters and their families moved to Pa. we decided to look for a church in our own town (Hanover Pa.) after about a year of trying different churches, my oldest daughter and I found St Davids United Church of Christ to fit our needs,its an old country church founded in the 1800's. The congregation was so welcoming and the Pastor is friendly and outgoing. My youngest Daughter decided on St Paul's Luthern, she wanted to keep with her Luthern roots. In a nut shell.. we are all happy with our choices for our spiritual nourishment. So glad to hear you are also.

  2. We just had a church move, my husband and I. AND WE LOVE OUR NEW CHURCH HOME! We loved our past church family, but it was hard to get connected. We tried, oh how we tried, and now looking back, it was a growing season.


  3. God is working in our lives, isn't he.
    I had no idea you were going somewhere different.

  4. Had to laugh a the comment about a Baptist church and friendliness! How sad that ALL churches aren't friendly - I mean if we are the Church we should be overflowing with the JOY of the LORD!

  5. Isn't it the best feeling to have a warm and welcoming new church home? :) Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. :)

  6. Hi. I just found your blog. When I was looking for a home church I went to several. Like you, I walked into the Baptist church (I am in New Zealand) and was welcomed so warmly, and taken such good care of as a visitor. No pressure was applied at all. The services, too, were so sincere and the people's responses also. I have been going there for 10 years now, and those people are now my friends, and I am one of the ones going forward to welcome visitors.


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