Friday, July 31, 2009


It's hard to believe that school is starting back Monday. Wasn't it just yesterday I spent the last week of school with Makayla. Helping with parties, AR carnival, and then watching her walk across the stage for her awards. Not to mention Michael graduating from High School. Time is slipping by way too fast. We need to savor every moment of it. Makayla and I went to open house yesterday to meet her teacher. She wanted to hold my hand walking down the hall, and I asked her, do you think that's okay? Your going to the 4Th grade now. But then we saw her BFF in front of us and he was holding his Mom's hand. There we were the four of us looking at the lists to find what class they were in. Strange you find your child's name, then you look at the rest of the list to see what names you recognize from previous years. You want them to know at least one person in their class. But yet not one they will get in trouble with. In her class is several of the girls from the two previous years that she's been at this school. But her bff is not in there. I thought he was going to cry. Makayla took it in stride, didn't bother her at the time. It might later on, but I looked over at him and his Mom was consoling him and he actually looked like he was going to cry.
We met her teacher and she seems to be very nice, quite like me, so we didn't have a lot to talk about. Then we visited previous teachers. Her second grade teacher is the one that was expecting twin boys and has lost one of them. She has six weeks until her due date, so please keep her (Yvette) in your prayers. Also found out her health teacher (Bethany) from that year is pregnant having a girl in October. She was just glowing yesterday. I told her we had no idea.
So today we're off shopping. Why do we wait until the last minute to school shop? Well this year it seems to have just slipped up on us. But not sure what other states does it. But this is TAX-FREE WEEKEND in GA. So most stores are having awesome sales. We will soon find out.


  1. When does she start school? She got out a few weeks after Anaston. Anaston starts Wednesday.
    And I'm once again going to complain.
    We have open house Monday (after tax free weekend) & the list of supplies we get from the teacher on Monday are 100% different from the list we get online, in the mail & at all the local stores. I think open house should be a week before school starts.
    Have fun shopping!

  2. She starts back on Monday. Amazingly the list for her at Wal-mart is the same as the one the teacher gave us. Her list is actually easy this year, if Wal-mart had actually had everything she needed.

  3. I can't wait to go tax free shopping this weekend:) It just time for for all the august birthdays I have coming up:) Public school starts back here on Aug 17. I think the delay is because thery built new schools and some aren't complete yet. However, mine are homeschooled so we start back Sept 1:) Anyhow, have fun shopping!!!

  4. Wow your schools start way earlier then the Pa. schools, they go back Sept 1 this year. Of course they get out after your kids do in GA. Here in Pa. one thing real nice is there is no tax on has been that way for many years. I remember when I lived in Md. we shopped in Pa. for school clothes to save on the taxes. Good luck for the new school year.

  5. Monday? Wow, they still have several weeks in Virginia of summer vacation. It goes by so quickly!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hope you can participate in the party. :)

  6. Some of our schools started today.-- seems like summer just started to me! :)

    Glad you had an "easy" list. I have seen some that are CUH-RAZY!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. we have tax free weekend, next weekend!


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