Friday, July 17, 2009

We miss you, Billy

Today would have been my youngest brother's 46Th birthday. But instead he went home to be with Jesus on December 29 2007. When it happened he was thousands of miles away from all of his family. And it bothered me for quite a while to think he was alone when he passed away. But he wasn't alone. I'm sure Jesus was right there with him. He had been gone for four years since any of the family had seen him. He was always sorta of a loner, traveler. Not a bum just liked to do things his on way. He as well as my other brothers and sister was brought up in church, and knows that we have to except Christ in our hearts to live with him eternally. So I also wondered if he had time to make things right with the Lord. I remember the first thing I asked the Doctor when he called me, was if he was conscious and co-he rent when he was brought in and he said that he was. In which he had to be because he told the Doctor to call his boss. But as the days went by I felt a peace and knew that all the prayers my Mom had prayed for so many years, they couldn't have been prayed in vain. Then the pastor(my Mom's Pastor) preached his funeral and said it so well. That he had been brought up by two wonderful christian parents that had always taken us to church and instilled in us the right way to live. Maybe he had drifted from that, but Jesus is merciful and gave him one last chance. I've often wondered if my brother had prayed for forgiveness then asked to go ahead and die so he wouldn't have to go back out in this sin-cursed world. Knowing that he had failed God before and didn't want to walk that road again.
I've been painting around the house the last couple of days and I guess that's another reason I'm thinking about him so much today. He painted houses and different businesses for many years. It's strange the things your mind thinks about. I can remember him reading books about painting and I wonder if it was the different colors that attracted him to painting. If it was, just think of his wonderment now as he is in heaven the sights he is seeing. I'm sure it leaves him speechless at times, and those that knew him, knows that most of the time he wasn't at a loss for words.
We miss you, Billy so many good memories you left us.


  1. What a wonderful post Aunt Thena. Of course I knew very little about Uncle Billy b/c he was gone most of my life. But from what I do know he was a wonderful person. He always had a HUGE smile on his face. And I'm sure is smiling bigger from where he is.

  2. Wow! That was a great blog about Billy- it bothered me so much that none of his family was there with him too- but I know if he had Jesus with him and he made things right- I just know it!!! His upbringing and his knowledge of the bible I'm sure were on his mind... I know he was sick that week and he had a lot of time to think. I am thankful for that!

  3. Here are some things I wanted to add that I remember about Billy so well:
    He loved to talk (you mentioned!!!)
    He loved the bible and discussing it.
    He loved his family although he couldn't always be with them.
    He loved playing board games especially scrabble- he was the scrabble champion around here in the Burns house!
    He loved eating at Kesslers in Garden City for lunch!
    His favorite food was Prime Rib and Potatoes (especially Outback Steakhouse)
    Favorite dessert- Key Lime Pie
    He always told me his favorite color was Red.
    And of course his favorite hobby- Traveling!!! You couldn't stop him or hold him back he had to go!
    He loved Florida and the warm weather!!! WE love and MISS you Billy!!!

  4. Just wanted to give you a virtual (((hug))) and tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers. This was a great post about your brother. It is hard when you are left with the unknowns after losing someone you love. I lost my brother in June 2005. He took his own life and for months I beat myself up with all the "What Ifs". It can drive you nuts if you let it. But you just have to pray about it and ask God to give you peace with it.
    Just like what you said about the paint. Certain smells remind me of my brother. Certain flowers.etc take my mind back to him. It's like he is still here. When memories are all you have they become treasures:)

  5. RIP Billy~I didn't learn of your passing until recently. You were a great person and are definetely in a better place. I remember trying to beat you at Bible trivia at Trinity and it just couldn't do it!! Your knowledge of the Bible was just too good! Touching post Thena~ AMY

  6. What a touching tribute to your brother. He will always have a piece of your heart.

  7. Sad that we are both going through these anniversaries so close together. You are in my thoughts!

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  9. I am so sorry about your precious brother. I will be saying a special prayer for you today as you recall the memories you have together.

    I am thankful you are part of my prayer blog. Stop by my regular blog too!


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