Friday, July 24, 2009

Has this ever happened to you?

About a week or so ago Makayla asked if a friend of hers could spend the night tonight. I told her we were going to be pretty busy this weekend maybe we could make it later in the week. Well she tried to call the girl the last couple of days and haven't actually talked to her. Her Mom always made an excuse that she was outside, or busy elsewhere. Well today I'm in the kitchen cooking and Makayla opens the door and says her friend is here. No phone call letting us know they were on their way, nothing. The girl's Mom sat in the car and sent her to the porch with her older sister. Knowing she was using me as a free sitter, and didn't have the audacity to face me. Well me being the nice person I am, let her stay. It wasn't the girls fault that the Mom is selfishly using me for a free sitter. But I explained to the girls sister that I would have her home early in the morning because we were headed out of town for the day.
I would never drop my child off without confirming with a parent that it was okay.
How would you have handled this?


  1. I think I blogged about this before.

    The girl's dad dropped her off after school & literally peeled out of the driveway before I could get out the door. Hours later he showed back up to get her & I told him he couldn't just drop his kid off at my house anymore unless he called & asked me first. I was keeping the neighbor kids but didn't want any others expecially somebody I didn't even know. I told him I had somewhere I had to go & didn't get to b/c I wasn't sticking a kid I didn't know in my car & have no idea if I'd be arrested for kidnapping.

    I can't believe some parents these days.

    The kid hasn't been dropped off at my house anymore since then but 2 weeks ago she was dropped off at the neighbors, same thing. But she was a little meaner about it than me.

  2. Wow! I meant to finish that- I have never had that happen but it would have stressed me out REALLY badly!!! Dylan being as hyperactive as he is- I don't think he would handle it well either!!! I think you handled it extremely NICE!!! I wouldn't have been so nice probably- I would have asked, "What's going on?"


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