Thursday, May 28, 2009

My week so far

Michael at his Chorus Concert last Thursday. It's hard to take good pictures because it is so bright on the stage.
Makayla and her best friend at the accelerated reader carnival yesterday.

And of course can't leave out recent pics of Emily. Can you believe she will be 3 months old Tuesday?
So precious!!!!!!!!

Oops sorry I forgot that we had my step-son's birthday last Saturday. Sorry it's been a busy week.


  1. Great pictures!!!!Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Sweet, sweet young things! I cannot believe how fast time flies.
    Your first pics reminded me of the numerous activities which occurred with the end of the school year for my older two children - seems as if it were yesterday.

  3. The end of the school year rush of activities. Your life is full, enjoy these moments.


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