Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Lately it seems that everybody is complaining about something. We complain if it rains too much, in which if you have been in certain parts of the south we have had rain almost everyday for over a week. We complain if it doesn't rain. If it's too hot or too cold.
I told my husband the other day that I really don't believe God created this world and put us on it to complain about when he makes it rain, or not rain. or if were too hot or too cold.
Yesterday while at Makayla's school for their ice cream social. I was dipping the ice cream and one child said "put alot in mine" and the child behind him said, "be thankful for what you get". I said that's right. He said yep because there's some kids out there that don't have any ice cream. It's a shame that some 3rd graders realize how to be more thankful than grown-ups.
We have so much to be grateful and don't even realize it. So I will leave you with this.
God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?" ~William A. Ward


  1. Your right...great post! You made me stop and think...Thanks! I like your new background also!

    Kelli H. Saxon

  2. Great post!! Thanks so much for adding and following my blog:)Have a blessed day!!

  3. We are so blessed to be given each day. May we be forever mindful of God's love and grace.

  4. Yes, great post!
    I live in a small 2 bedroom 1 bath home. We live comfortably. We don't have any debt and enjoy traveling and lots of superfluous things. I am constantly reminded by our society (and especially this ONE lady) that I don't have an amazing car or a snazzy new 5 bedroom 3 bath home.
    But hey, it's paid for, right? And at least I have a roof over my head at night and wheels to get me from point A to point D (I say point D because we usually say point B... and I wanted to mix things up a bit). We're always going to want MORE no matter what we have.

  5. Ha I just got done complaining about all the rain & now that its too hot. Maybe I should stop & think now...thanks!
    Is it alright to invite ourselves over so the girls can play together in the pool. Call me. She's tied up with swim lessons until next Friday but after that I want to come visit.

  6. Great post. I wish more kids and ADULTS would be as grateful as the kid in line.




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