Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

I told my husband not to  buy me anything for Valentine's day. He asked me was this a trick. I said no, I don't need the candy, and the flowers die. So why waste the money.
So instead when I checked my email this morning this in part is what he had sent to me. Some is just a bit much to share.

"You did not want me to buy you anything. The gifts I'm giving you are for a year so when you answer some of these please keep that in mind. Also the kids are not a part of this so do not use them as part of your answers . So to express my love for Valentines this year I give you the following items:

[1] Know that I am praying for you

[2] You get to pick one (possibly more we'll see how the years goes on, Rome wasn't built in day)personal traits about me you would like to change or improve. You also get to choose avenues in which I am to improve them(i.e. Books, Videos, Classes Etc.).

[3] I want you to get away for a day a week at my expense and do something for you. I know your saying where is the time , but do it while the kids are in school.

[4] Get out and find a hobby. Cake decorating classes, crocheting club something. Once again my expense. Just get out and do it.

[5] Quit looking for a job.

[6]Think of something different each month we can do together. NO KIDS. Just a date.

[7] Make a list in order of importance of things you want accomplished in and around the house. (A honey-do list)

[8] Make a list of some major things that would make life easier for you around the house I can help with. (A chore list)

How much better could it get than that? And yes Megan before you ask, we went to Lowe's today and started looking at what all we need to FINALLY remodel the hall bathroom.


  1. I got candy (which I didn't need- as you know) a big heart full of it! I got a card that was really cute and 2 books I've been wanting.
    We had breakfast at Cracker Barrell. So I had a nice one. I am impressed with that list- it's not to often a man will write a list like that!

  2. Your Hubby sounds like one heck of a guy. Lucky girl!

  3. Holy moly! It's a miracle! Please don't buy any stick-down tiles! Those are about as awesome as Sally Press On Nails!

  4. What a really sweet email/guy.
    I might just have to copy & paste that & give Shawn my answers to questions he should have asked me. HA


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