Thursday, February 12, 2009

My day

I spent my day with two of my most favorite people. My Mom came over this morning and we went and picked Megan up. We had breakfast together and then just walked through different stores. (Babies, and Bellies, a consignment store, etc) Looking at what else, other than baby girl stuff. Maybe we walked Megan enough that it will help her go into labor. lol But we know that's an old wives tale just like being born when it's a full moon. In which that was Monday night so she's not going to be born while the moon is full. I told Megan the other day that the baby would be late being born because she is late to "everything". Needless to say she didn't find that very funny. She is one miserable hormonal pregnant woman right now. And I know I got on her nerves today because of being so protective. But this is my first grandchild, I will try to be better once she's here. I promise.


  1. Well, praise the Lord. Oh, and Friday the 13th doesn't bring babies either.

  2. You will sooooo love being a grandmother, this is a very exciting time in your life. I now have four beautiful grandaughters and I cherish every moment with them. Keep us posted


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