Friday, September 9, 2011

I have a new addiction.

Megan told me about a website, and once I learned to use it, I have been hooked, addicted is probably a better word.
Pinterest if you aren't addicted to it yet, give it time you may be.  It was a little atimidating at first, but once I learned, love it.
So you ask what is pinterest, it's an online bulletin board is the easiest way I know to describe it.   Say for example you want halloween costume ideas.  Search for them and it will bring up all these other peoples ideas and tell you how to make them yourself.
I have found so many new recipes I want to try, and organizing ideas.
You create your own boards and pin the things you like on them.  Then when you need them there they are without cluttering up your favorites list on your computer.
I have already begun looking for new ideas for Christmas.  And I have a board of things that I love and wish I had.  hint hint.....Christmas is right around the corner family.


  1. I haven't tried Pinterest yet, but my daughter-in-law loves it. She's one of those creative people!

  2. I would love to follow you on Pinterest.
    If you would like to look for me I am tweeterbird.

  3. I just joined yesterday but I feel totally lost!

  4. I'm hearing & seeing more about this all the time. Many of my Facebook friends are addicted too.

  5. I keep hearing so much about Pinterest. It seems overwhelming right now ... but I'm sure that with time I could figure it out. I'm deliberately choosing not to ... I spend enough time on the computer with emailing family, Facebooking friends, and blogging/reading blogs. ;-)

  6. I love Pinterest! I don't get to play on it as much as I would like but still enjoy it when I do. If you want to follow me, search for Lori Miller. I'd love to see what you're pinning as well. :)

  7. LOVE Pinterest. You can find me there. Click the "follow me" button on my sidebar!


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