Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Dozen

It's Wednesday so time for another Random Dozen.  Ya'll know the drill by now.  Click on over to Linda's copy and answer the questions.  Then link to the rest of us that are wanting to learn more about fellow bloggers.

1. Do you do garage sales? If so, tell me about one great find. If not, tell me why not.
Yes most definetly.  We found a Coleman Lantern once, bought it for $7.00 and sold it on Ebay for over $900.00.  Need a couple more of those kind of finds.

2. Name the last thing you fixed.
As in repaired something.  I wouldn't have a clue.  As in cooked it would be dinner last night.

3. Name your A) Favorite item of makeup OR B) Favorite tool
I don't really wear make-up, if I do, it's just mascara and maybe lipstick.

4. Which room in your home needs organizing more than any other?
Kitchen  I don't have enough cabinets.   Enough said stuff is thrown in them every which a way and I just have to walk away from them.

5. Which room could use re-decorating?
Well the hall bathroom still isn't finished so I guess that would be considered re-decorating.

6. Share something unique about your town.
I glanced at some others answers, trying to decide what would be considered unique.  We have a peanut festival every August.  Only picture I could find online and I don't think it's a recent one.  Even though it's an annual event.

7. If you could send a one-sentence message to your great-grandchild, what would it be?
Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind.

8. Do you Facebook?
Yes I do.

9. Describe your favorite shoes.
flip-flops, need I say more. 

10. Do you listen to more talk radio or more music radio? What kind of station is it?
music radio, contemporary christian.

11. How far would you travel for a really good (favorite) meal?
About an hour or so near Darien there is a seafood buffet call Pelican's Point.  Haven't been there in a few years but it's really good.  There's also one near Brunswick called The King and Prince.  Both have every seafood you would want.
12. If you were totally honest with yourself (and us) what should you probably be doing right now instead of blogging.
Cleaning house.


  1. 1. Wow what a great find. Wish we could find and sell something like that!

    6. very unique... mine is not nearly as interesting as yours.

    Great answers to the questions. I am new to doing Random Dozen.

  2. Wow! I can't believe you sold it for that much! That's awesome! What does one do at a peanut festival??

  3. Okay, people are always telling me stories like you did in #1 (happens to my father in law on a regular basis) but when I look thru a garage sale-nothing but junk. I just don't think I have the gene : )

  4. Love the name of your blog! That's something I REALLY need to work on.

    A peanut festival, huh? Very interesting.

    I hope you'll stop by my Random Dozen...I did it audio-style.

  5. Good grief, talk about a good deal! I think that qualifies as the deal of all deals, at least for you! :o) Thanks for stopping by and I so enjoyed your answers today. Blessings for a great week!

  6. Girl--you need to take me sale-ing!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. We answered the same on #7....great minds.

  8. I have enough cabinets so they are filled with junk, not kitchen stuff. Boy do I need to clean them out! Peanut festival is unique for sure! I don't do flip flops but I love my Birkies!
    Hope your having a great week.

  9. Wow, what a garage sale find!
    I thought about going to the peanut festival this year...I've never been!
    I've also never eaten at Pelican Point, but I have heard rave reviews.

  10. I just read your comment on my blog. I am thrilled to hear that Statesboro is getting a Cracker Barrel! Woo Hoo, I love it! I'm a simple girl, with simple tastes...That's why I've never tried Pelican Point. Carey Hilliards is my kind of restaurant, I was thrilled when it came to Statesboro.

  11. I agree with you on #1! You can really find some great bargains at yard/garage sales. I clicked on your link to see the lantern, but the picture didn't load. Darn.

    Love your answer to number 7!

  12. Wow on #1. I wouldn't even have recognized it's value!

  13. Nice find at the garage sale! No make-up? Really? I wish I were so lucky. Thanks for sharing. It was nice to meet you.

  14. My husband is so good and finding deals like the one you mentioned. Good way to make some money! ~ You natural beauties that can get by without any makeup make me jealous! ~ Have a great weekend!

  15. The King & Prince on friday nights is the bomb!!! We go there only on special occasions. Their prices have gone up.

    Instead of going to Pelicans Point...go to the Buccaneer Club next time. It is on the same road right before you get to Pelicans Point. It is MUCH BETTER!!! Get the Captain's Dinner for will eat till your stuffed and will take home enough for another meal for two.....I LOVE IT!!!!

  16. hey friend, i just may have to start going to garage sales! ha!

    love this randomness - enjoy learning more about you.


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