Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chris, a new blog, and a giveaway

I've decided to add a new blog, one just for prayer requests, and praises of the prayers answered.  You can find it here.  If at anytime you have a prayer request you would like added please let me know.  Either through a comment or e-mail.  I've moved all my prayer requests post over there so the ones here will be deleted soon.

Chris has been moved to a regular room but is still unable to talk.  They feel certain it is from the tubes being in his throat for almost three weeks.  That is throat is irritated and sore but just a matter of time before it's better.

Don't forget I also have a giveaway  that will be ending tomorrow. 


  1. still praying for Chris my friend.

    I am excited about your prayer blog. do you have a button? i will put it on MY prayer blog so that i can direct others to yours as well.

  2. That is good news...Chris is one lucky fellow! Like your new blog design Thena!

  3. So glad your son is doing better...

  4. I continue to pray for Chris and appreciate your update.

  5. Hi Thena! I am now a follower of your Prayer Request Blog. That was a great idea!

    So glad to see some progress on Chris.

  6. That is good news. Hope his throat gets better.


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