Saturday, April 24, 2010

TSMSS...................... If You Could See Me Now

This week has really seemed to be a week about death.   Tuesday on  The Biggest Loser one of the contestents brothers passed away.  Then Wednesday night our Pastor spoke about death and how we are only a vapor.
Thursday morning when I read various blogs Linda told how her long time friend with cancer had passed away.
Then just this morning Sandie blogged that a dear friend of hers passed away on Wednesday unexpectedly.
So this morning this song came to my mind.

I heard it back in December1994.  I was on the way to my Dad's funeral.  I can still remember exactly where I was.   We were just turning on the highway where the church was.   Sitting at a red light with just enough time to hear it before we arrived at the church for his funeral.  I had never heard it before then and have never heard it since then.  But it is a wonderful song that says it all so much better than I ever could.
Even though we miss them and long to be able to be with them.  We wouldn't want them back suffering as they were before they left us.

Linda and Sandie my thoughts and prayers are with you today and in the days ahead.  


  1. Great pick for this Saturday! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thena how wonderfully sweet of you. I listened to it and cried, but it is so true. Thank you so much -

    ♥ sandie

  3. PS I am going to get it off YouTube. sandie

  4. Excellent song, Thna. I haven't heard it in ages, but it is indded a healing song after the death of a loved one who was a believer.

    In other news -- I am away from home, but Amoeba called me and let me know your package arrived. He was quite thrilled with the discovery of the etch-a-sketch. He tried to pretend he wasn't, but I heard the glee in his voice. ;) Thank you. I can't wait until I get home to check it out.

  5. That is a wonderful song. Thank you.

  6. That is very pretty. I had not heard it before. Blessings ~

  7. What a beautiful Don Moen song!

    As I was listening, I thought of my mom and my grandparents in heaven. No more pain or sorrow.

    It's interesting because several of us were on the same wave length this week. I posted Carrie Underwood's "Temporary Home".


  8. Stopping in to say hello! Playing catch up.......

  9. I have never heard this one before...what a beautiful and comforting message it brings....

  10. Stopping by to say:


    Hope yours was wonderful!

  11. I love this beautiful song!

  12. Same here. I went to two funerals this week! It always takes me back to my own parent's funerals. So sad...

  13. Thena,

    Please help me spread the word of a sister in Christ who so desperately needs help with a limited amount of time left.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. We certainly our just a vapor. I was so glad to read your comment at my blog. Thanks so much for your kind wishes. I also know you will succeed as well!

  15. I just read your comment on my blog about you and your family being at St. Simon's Is., too. Small world, huh? I love the renovations that they have done there, don't you?


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