Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Dozen

It's time for another random dozen, this one seems harder than the ones in the past.  Or maybe the questions are just digging deeper into our thinking.  lol  Just click on the picture above and join the rest of us over at Linda's.

This picture is a clarification for question 1:

1. How do you feel about "Gladiator" sandals, also called "Roman" or "Jesus" sandals? A fashion yea or nay?
Don't care for them, just give me flip-flops.

2. What is your favorite pizza?
pepperoni, and bacon with lots of cheese, is my favorite, but never get it.  Usually just go with pepperoni, or cheese alfredo.

3. There are plans in the works to sell roughly 1,000 items from Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. This means you could buy Picard's chair for your family room. If not a Star Trek item, what prop, background, set, etc. from what TV or movie would you buy if you could?

[Ex: Hurley's "I Love my Shih tzu" shirt from LOST, the plantation home "Tara" from Gone With the Wind, or Tracy's tambourine from the Partridge Family.]
Can't think of anything. I really don't pay that much attention to the props.  Maybe since I took Makayla to see Last Song last Saturday something from that movie.   Since Miley was in it, she would totally love it.

4. Name a local food or restaurant that your area is famous for.
Well if we were still in the Savannah area that would be easy.  Paula & Sons or Mrs. Wilkes.  But now that we're about an hour away from there, not really sure.  The only one I can think of that is locally owned is Fordham's Farmhouse, and that's exactly what it is.  It's southern home-cooking and really good. 

5. What is your current favorite snack?
If it's movie night with the kids we have to have popcorn with M&M's. 

6. Hypothetical: You are required to be a reality show contestant. Which show would you choose based on your probability of success? (You cannot choose "none.")
A. Dancing with the Stars
B. Biggest Loser
C. Survivor
B. Biggest Loser definetly.  Can't dance so that one is definetly out, and survive in the wilderness.  LOL
Definetly could lose the extra weight, just don't know if I could handle all the screaming, even though this season does seem to be calmer.

7. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being uninhabitable and 10 being cleanliness that meets the standards of OCD, how clean is your vehicle's interior?
I would say 8, we try to keep it clean but there is always paper or empty cups in there somewhere.

8. It doesn't feel like Spring until  the flowers start blooming and the birds sing early in the morning.

9. Something that made you laugh really hard recently is ____.
Can't really think of anything specific.  Maybe watching Biggest Loser last night and they drug Jillian through the mud puddles and put mud in unspeakable places.
10. Tell me about a goal you're working toward.
losing weight.  Would like to lose 70 lbs by Christmas

11. Share a thought-provoking or inspiring quote this week.
Something that my Mom told me Monday she was referring to one thing and I took into a situation that I'm facing.  That when asked why she waited so long to rely on God about a health problem.  She said she had to get to the point that she finally had all she could take.  And that's when most of us really rely on Him is when we're at our ropes end.

12. Name one thing that you do as a parent that you absolutely know will make your kids happy. If you're not a parent, feel free to substitute "friend" or nomenclature that works for you.
I try to be there when they need me to really listen to them about something and only offer advice when they ask for it.  That's more for the older two.  Makayla I guess what really makes her happy would be one on one time.  Whether it be a movie, playing a board game together or just snuggling and reading a book together.


  1. Great list! I would love to eat at Paula's. Must be great.

  2. Love your answers. I bet Paula's is awesome.
    Popcorn with M&M's, I'll have to try that. I would like a magic pill for my weight loss!
    I need motivation.

  3. I love shoes....
    Great answers!
    Blessings, andrea

  4. I've been to Lady and Sons...I love it but I'm sure the place you mentioned is also wonderful. You can't get Southern cooking in NJ. : ) Unless of course I do it myself!

  5. Enjoyed reading your answers....

  6. I must confess that I'm not very good about playing along with some of the daily venues offered in cyberspace. I get a kick out of people's answers, and I must say my interest was gripped when I saw the shoes (I LOVE shoes).


  7. Popcorn and MM's sound good.

  8. Popcorn AND M&Ms -- at the same time in the same mouth? I'll have to think on that for awhile.

    I wish all parents had your option for #12. Many are too busy trying to earn a living to have the energy for relationship building. Sad, because in the long run it isn't the money that the kids will remember.

  9. Hi! I got your comment on my blog. I'm located 30 miles from Statesboro, so that's where I shop! Love that new Carey Hilliards there. Was The Last Song good? I am reading the book. Miley Cyrus was perfect to play that character...Great meeting you and sharing comments. Kathy

  10. Being a real listener is truly a gift!


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