Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sometimes Christmas Makes Me Cry

I think I could listen to this one over and over and never get tired of it.  It brings back all the happy memories of  Christmas pasts. 

Finding my favorite Christmas songs this week, made me realize one thing I don't like about Christmas.  Only hearing the Christmas music from Thanksgiving to New Years.  Then it's all put away until the next year.  Such wonderful music to only be enjoyed for such a short time each year.  Kinda sad isn't it?


  1. Sometimes Christmas makes ME cry. It certainly is a sentimental time of year when we think about all those who do not have family and those who cannot be with their family at this time.

    Many wishes to you for a very merry and blessed Christmas, Thena!

  2. I cry at Christmas every year..Melancoly sets in and I miss the happy family times of years gone by...things do change and we lose loved ones...but the memories linger on.

  3. This Christmas will definatly be one of tears and missing our loved one. Just won't be the same today without my step-father here with us and playing Santa to the kids. I am very thankful for the family we do have though!

  4. I never heard that song but the words are true. I miss many of my loved ones especially at Christmas time.

    Thena, may you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.



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