Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Power of Respect by Deborah Norville Review/Giveaway

I was given the chance by Thomas Nelson Books to review The Power of Respect by Deborah Norville.  Now that I've read it I've decided to pass it on in a giveaway to one lucky winner.   Because it is an awesome book. 
I remember admiring Deborah Norville years ago when she was on NBC News at Sunrise, and then on The Today Show.  She comes across as what you see is what you get.  She speaks from the heart and a true love for what she speaks and writes about. 
This book is respect in the home, with your children and spouse.  Respect in the job world,  respect in our schools, and respect on a personal level with ourselves and our friendships.  I would definetly recommend this book.  She gives great advice for parents to help their children with respect.  How to earn and give respect in our relationships.  She writes about well-known business owners and executives that have gone the extra mile to show respect to their employees.  Last but not least is respect in our schools.  Our children should be able to go to school and learn.  Not have to go in fear of what might happen to them while they are there.  If they respected one another they wouldn't have to worry about being hurt, bullied, or having their personal items stolen or distroyed.
As I read it I began to wonder when did people lose respect for each other.  There was a time when men respected women and children and wouldn't cuss in front of them.  A time when children respected their parents and wouldn't dare talk back or raise their voice to their parents.
Respect in the workplace when an employer wouldn't ask an employee to do anything he wouldn't do himself.  We see the lost of respect in marriages by seeing more and more abuse.  Whether it's verbal, emotional, or physical.  Where have we went wrong as a society?  Was it when we started living above our means and both parents have to work, and leave children to raise themselves?  Was it when women decided they wanted to be treated equally as men and started cussing like men.  Does employers expect less from their employees, so there's less respect?
Deborah writes at the end of each chapter Respect reminders.  I love the ones she gives for parents to teach and role-model to their children.
1.  Practice the Golden Rule.  (I wonder how many people even knows what that means anymore).
2.  Be polite----shake hands correctly, stand for adults, let ladies go first.
3.  Be prompt.  My husband would say I have a problem with that one.  But I do try my best at it.
4.  Keep unkind comments to yourself.  (My Mom always told us if we can't say something nice to somebody, don't say anything at all).
5.  Let others go first in lines and in conversation.  (Makayla has a bad habit of interrupting when adults are talking and we are working hard on that one).
6.  Be true to your word--show up when you said you would and keep your promises.  ( I can remember older adults saying that their word and a handshake was all it took for a business transaction).

Model the behavior you want to see.  Children learn from what we do that's why were considered their role models.  I hate do as I say, don't do as I do.  If we don't teach them to be respectful, who will?

Now my goal is to read her other books, she even has one about knitting. 

Now about the giveaway, I enjoyed the book so much I'm passing it on to one lucky winner.    You will have from now until next Tuesday, November 17th to enter.  Leave me a comment telling me one way you think we can show respect to others.


  1. I enjoy an author who's attitude is what you see is what you get. Sounds like a good read!

  2. I always liked her and that sounds like a book worth reading.

  3. I think a great way to show respect is to listen and give your full attention when someone is speaking.


  4. I love the idea about being on time to appointments or meetings or even lunch dates...it really tells the other person that you feel like their time is important enough not to waste:) Thanks!
    christinbanda at yahoo dot com

  5. Keep promises! If you say it, mean it - it's just one way to be respectful IMO I admire Debra also, especially being from the South like me.


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